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If you like your stories with a dash of The Godfather and 007 on the rim, you’ll loveAdeleke Adesanya’s  Noah Town.  If that’s not your cup of tea, you’ll find long musings, secrets and a wee pinch of love.

This fast paced book is centered on events surrounding the kidnap of Norah, daughter of small town loan shark and low-key gangster, Barry. We peek into their lives through the eyes of cab company owner, Tony.

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Noah Town Excerpts . Chapter 1

Chapter 1


If you ever come to Noah Town, you’ll probably arrive by coach. The long buses come off interstate trunk roads from far and near, from smaller towns and villages were dreams of making it in the big city still has its allure.

The buses pour out streams of young men and women hourly at almost a clockwork rate. They come with their dreams and aspirations, their bags and little savings. They are drawn to a metropolis where the street lights never go off and there is money to be made with beautiful bodies, willing hands or daring minds. I know them. I was once like them.

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Noah Town

My new novel titled Noah Town is now available on Kindle and

Noah Town

It was meant to be a safe job. They fake a kidnap of the millionaire’s daughter, collect the ransom and share it with her. But then things started to go wrong.

As the body count continues to rise, Tony finds himself in the cross hairs of a deadly gang as he tries to save his best friend’s widow.

A thrilling tale full of suspense and action, you won’t be able to put this down till you are done. And hey, leave a review on Amazon , okay.bookcover