Noah Town Excerpts . Chapter 1

Chapter 1


If you ever come to Noah Town, you’ll probably arrive by coach. The long buses come off interstate trunk roads from far and near, from smaller towns and villages were dreams of making it in the big city still has its allure.

The buses pour out streams of young men and women hourly at almost a clockwork rate. They come with their dreams and aspirations, their bags and little savings. They are drawn to a metropolis where the street lights never go off and there is money to be made with beautiful bodies, willing hands or daring minds. I know them. I was once like them.

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Danladi’s Statements. Chapter One

I do not know who killed Sherry.

I have been advised by the police that any statement I make may be used against me in the court of law and so I make these statements “under caution”.

My name Andy Danladi. I live at Army Barracks at Anthony in Lagos with my elder brother who is a soldier.I am 21 years old. I am a businessman, more of an estate agent. I help people to find houses to rent or let, buy or sell. At other times, I sell other things too. Like if you want to sell a used car, you can come to me. I am a Christian and I an Hausa by tribe. I am an indigene of Kaduna. I finished my secondary school education at Sabongari Grammar school, Sokoto and came to Lagos three years ago.

I did not kill Alhaja Serifa.

Yes, I was arrested in her room. She was dead; there was blood everywhere. She had been stabbed.


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