Danladi’s Statements. Chapter One

I do not know who killed Sherry.

I have been advised by the police that any statement I make may be used against me in the court of law and so I make these statements “under caution”.

My name Andy Danladi. I live at Army Barracks at Anthony in Lagos with my elder brother who is a soldier.I am 21 years old. I am a businessman, more of an estate agent. I help people to find houses to rent or let, buy or sell. At other times, I sell other things too. Like if you want to sell a used car, you can come to me. I am a Christian and I an Hausa by tribe. I am an indigene of Kaduna. I finished my secondary school education at Sabongari Grammar school, Sokoto and came to Lagos three years ago.

I did not kill Alhaja Serifa.

Yes, I was arrested in her room. She was dead; there was blood everywhere. She had been stabbed.


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